Nov 042013

In this review, we are going to take a look at the Oceanic Viper Scuba diving fin. As you might expect from a company like Oceanic, this is a product that captures years of hydrodynamic experience with the latest in fin materials to produce the Viper Open Heel Scuba Fin. Completely lightweight, the fin is available in four sizes and has a flexible power thrust channel that is capable of directing water off the blade’s tip, which results on what Oceanic term “uncompromising power and efficiency”.

oceanic viper fins

Sounds good so far, right? But it doesn’t end there – the fin comes equipped with effective power vents that reduce stress as water moves along the blade, facilitating for a smoother, better movement.  Now, let’s add an oversized blade to the mix and you get increased thrust and propulsion!  All of these cutting edge refinements mean then the Vipers are very responsive and requires basically no effort to use, when you need to go you will go – even in the Ocean currents.

The streamlined foot pockets will fit most boot styles while at the same time reducing resultant drag. The fin is extremely lightweight – you can only move faster and get less tired with the Vipers. More importantly, 7% of all purchases on this item go to help wounded veterans of war through the Oceanic Warrior Program.

The fins comes across as the ‘Impossible to beat’ and ‘do everything’ fins. I find them comfortable, fast and great for any snorkelling or scuba diving expedition. More so, the fin does pretty well against current with just minimal to moderate effort, so you can beat your way against currents pushing in the opposite direction. Also impressively durable, the oceanic viper fin makes a great diving fin for beginners as well as experienced divers.

If you are planning to get your diving instructions course, go practicing or leave for a snorkelling vacation, the Oceanic Viper Scuba will not let you down – as well as generously contribute some of your investment in it to humanitarian causes.

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