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As an age-old method of fishing, spearfishing has been used since time immemorial and throughout the millennia. For instance, ancient tribesmen would go fishing along the shore of fresh water lakes and streams using sharpened sticks or rocks attached to the end of the spear. However, it is quite interesting to point out that modern spearfishing utilizes powered spearguns to strike the hunted fish. In fact, different types of spearguns and specialized techniques have been developed for different types of target fish and aquatic environments.

What is a speargun?

Spearguns can be described as equipment used under the water to fire a spear at a target fish. Basically, a speargun allows one to hunt specific prey underwater. Essentially, spearguns are not conventional firearms, but handy tools with a trigger mechanism that fires a harpoon, which is used for hunting marine fishes. A conventional speargun comprises of basic components such as the spear, barrel and a handle containing a trigger mechanism.

In fact, it is quite intriguing to note that a combination the stunning surroundings of underwater environments with the thrill of the chase have made the use of spearguns in spearfishing such a very skillful sport nowadays. However, you need to ensure that you know how to use spearguns effectively and safely to get the most out of this sport.

Types of spearguns

There are two most common types of spearguns that dominate the market in our time, such as the rubber or band-powered spearguns and Pneumatic or air-powered spearguns. Band powered guns are the most popular guns on the market currently of these two speargun types. Band powered spearguns come in two types, for instance, those of sealed tubing metal or composite and those made from wood. Pneumatic ones are made of a metal cylinder considering their technical requirements.

How they are used underwater

1. Band-powered spearguns

As mentioned earlier, band-powered spearguns are very popular all over the world given that they are relatively powerful and accurate weapons that are silent when fired. To use a band-powered speargun under the water, you need to insert the spear into the trigger mechanism then pull and release the rubber band to thrust the spear. Actually, the stretching force produced by the band is what propels the spear through the water. The gun’s power can be increased through addition of more bands. The ease of use and little maintenance associated with this type of spearguns surely make them the best option.

2. Pneumatic spearguns

Unlike a band-powered speargun, a pneumatic gun has a piston and a sealed air-filled chamber instead of elastic bands. Basically, it works by using air compressed in a chamber to fire the spear. Ideally, all you need to do is pump it up by hand to a pressure of approximately 320psi before diving in order to give it enough power, then force the spear down the barrel to engage the trigger mechanism and is your gun will be loaded and ready to shoot. The biggest advantage a pneumatic gun over a band-powered one is that this type of a speargun is typically twice as powerful as the latter.

The pursuit for the best speargun will soon yield new technologies that are more fun and easy to use for the most serious undersea hunters. Nevertheless, a good number of hunters still use band-powered guns over pneumatics.


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